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Day 7

This video is part of a contest. Head over to the Keep Christmas Wtih You, 12 Days of Christmas Sweepstakes page to enter!

Twelve times over the next few weeks (about every 2 days), the Choir will post a video clip in which Richard Elliot will introduce each of the twelve days with a brief note about the music, his thoughts on working with the world-famous Count, and which song he played in the previous video. Then we’ll see the next clip from the performance.

Your job will be to listen carefully and identify the counter melody! You can find the current video on the Keep Christmas Wtih You, 12 Days of Christmas Sweepstakes page.

Winners will be chosen at random each day, and each winner will receive both a CD and a DVD of the 2014 Christmas concert, Keep Christmas With You. A grand prize winner will be chosen from the pool of daily winners, and they will also receive two tickets to this year's Christmas concert!