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100 Years: Celebrating a Century of Recording Excellence

In 1910, the Choir was the first large performing group to have its music successfully recorded. In 2010, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir released the album 100 Years: Celebrating a Century of Recording Excellence. The album contains treasures such as “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing,” “How Great Thou Art,” and “The Impossible Dream.”

The album 100 Years is a three-disc (two CDs + DVD) collection that features the Choir’s most requested songs, bonus material, and four previously unreleased songs. The collection received rave reviews online and holds a 5-star rating on Below are some quotes from people who have purchased the album:

“There aren't many musical ensembles around today that can claim a 100-year history of commercial recording. Even fewer have maintained such a high standard of performing and recording excellence over that century!”

“I love the harmonies the choir achieves; the music is beautiful and inspirational.”

The bonus DVD includes the first Telstar satellite broadcast from Mt. Rushmore in 1962, the Choir’s first recording from 1910, and recordings from all conductors from the last 100 years, with the exception of Jay Welch, who did not make any recordings with the Choir over his six-month run as conductor.

One of the previously unreleased tracks was the Nigerian Carol “Betelehemu,” which has become a recent signature piece of the Choir and serves as a showstopper when it is performed at concerts. See the stunning video of “Betelehemu” in the video below, and make sure to check out 100 Years: Celebrating a Century of Recording Excellence.

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