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1901 Deseret News Tabernacle Organ

In 1901, a group of Californians, including an editor of the Los Angeles Times, were making their way to Buffalo, New York, to participate in the Pan-American Exposition. The group’s travels took them through Salt Lake City, where they were able to hear a performance at the Tabernacle.

Reflecting on the performance, the editor wrote:

“The Tabernacle Organ is undoubtedly the grandest musical instrument in the world. Not one of the more modern instruments, no matter what its pretensions or cost, comes up to the standard of the Salt Lake wonder. This unrivaled excellence is due to several fortunate circumstances and combinations. …
“The organ has the distinction of being not only the most powerful, but the most varied of any organ in the world, producing more than 500 distinct tones. It thunders with the deep diapason of Niagara or an ocean surf; It pipes with the clearness of a flute; It thrills with the delicacy and tenderness of a songbird. It reproduces the vibrations of the human voice so perfectly as to deceive the very elect. It sings a solo; It sings a chorus, with many voices mingling in the most perfect accord. …
“It was a night of nights. All the treasured memories of operas and symphonies seemed to sink into insignificance in the light of this unparalleled musical experience. The pilgrims unite in pronouncing this the climax, the crowning pleasure of the entire excursion. It sounded the heights and depths of our emotion.”

The full article is available as a digitized copy of a 1901 Deseret Evening News article.