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This once-in-a-generation DVD contains the full two-hour commemorative television special shown on PBS and narrated by Tony Award® winner Brian Stokes Mitchell. This unique video recording is a must-have selection for everyone who loves Christmas. With two decades of Christmas performances by over 40 world-renowned individual artists and excerpts from over 60 songs, carols, and stories from around the world, this unique video recording is a must-have selection for everyone who loves Christmas.

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20 Years with The Tabernacle Choir DVD 

Re-experience Twenty Years of Inspiring Concerts
During the worldwide pandemic of 2020, The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square was quiet, and the Conference Center in Salt Lake City was dark and empty. But not entirely. With no public announcement and absolutely no fanfare, Brian Stokes Mitchell, a former guest artist with the Choir, came back to remember and relive twenty years of inspiring Christmas concerts.

It’s About More Than the Music
Tony Award-winner Mitchell, “Stokes” as he is known to colleagues, does more than merely narrate the two-hour retrospective program. He introduces viewers to one of his closest friends—The Tabernacle Choir. That’s because Stokes has soloed with the Choir in three major concerts. His ability as narrator to lead the audience through twenty years of concerts grows out of his affinity for the Choir’s approach to music-making. Stokes demonstrates to the audience that what happens in the Conference Center every Christmas is more than just the wide range of musical periods and genres and the diversity of guests artists. It’s about bringing people together, Christmas for everyone.

“Whatever we believe about the meaning of Christmas,” Stokes tells the audience, “The message of Christmas is universal….The music, the stories, the singing, the dancing, and the sharing are all a reminder that the birth of Jesus Christ is about peace and goodwill for everyone,” said Mitchell. “It’s why the joy of Christmas really is joy to all the world.”

Enjoy Music and Stories From Across Time and Around The World
This special Christmas program unfolds in nine segments with music and stories from many time periods and cultures. Within each segment, musical selections are woven together to create a single musical arc. This innovation allows the Choir to present excerpts from over 60 songs, carols, and stories, which would be impossible to do through a more typical concert approach. The segments are woven together with an original score based on the carol “Angels from the Realms of Glory.” The result is a feast of musical offerings as rich and diverse as the members of the viewing audience themselves.

Find Unique DVD Bonus Features
The DVD also contains over 30 minutes of bonus features that include behind-the-scenes footage with Brian Stokes Mitchell in the Conference Center on Temple Square. Learn what it takes to produce a broadcast special spanning two decades of content from the key people who make it happen. There is also footage showing the making of the virtual choir performance of The Tabernacle Choir members for this unique program DVD. Watch the interview with the well-known Tabernacle organist Richard Elliott who is loved for his audience-favorite Christmas organ solos every year. These are bonus features everyone won’t want to miss!