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"God Be with You Till We Meet Again" Sung in Dutch—Live from The Netherlands

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square performed the last concert of their 2016 European tour in Rotterdam, Netherlands, at De Doelen concert hall. The hall was originally built in 1934 but was destroyed in 1940 by the German bombardment of Rotterdam at the beginning of World War II. De Doelen was rebuilt in 1966, and additional halls were added in the 1990s.

With each new venue on the tour, space and seating arrangements differed, and De Doelen was no exception. This venue had a huge orchestra pit encircled by Choir members, which stood in front of a beautiful organ. During the concert, the organ was partially highlighted with a hint of blue light, adding an extra touch of beauty to its already stunning design.

The fist half of the concert covered a classical program featuring pieces such as “Cum, Sancto Spiritu,” “Alleluia,” from Psalm 150, “Unfold, Ye Portals,” and more. The act finished with “Hymn of Praise” (“The Old Hundredth”). The second act shifted gears, beginning with the world music sounds of “Ah, el novio no quere dinero!” followed by “Betelehemu,” both of which feature thrilling and surprising choreography. Every time the Choir began to move their hands during the second act opener, “Ah, el novio no quere dinero!” or when they began to sway during “Betelehemu,” the audience would whisper to each other, smile, do a double take, or audibly gasp.

As the concert neared its close, announcer Lloyd Newell said, “Thank you for welcoming us so warmly this evening—this has been an evening that we will long remember.” As Newell finished saying these words an audience member shouted, “Come back next year!” which drew laughs and applause from Choir, Orchestra, and audience members—even Mack Wilberg and Ryan Murphy shared a laugh. “Thank you for that,” replied Newell, pointing to the audience member before asking the Choir and Orchestra, “Who wants to come back next year?” Cheers and raised hands signified that everyone was in for next year, although if you were to ask Choir leadership after the three years of planning that went into this tour, it might be a different story.

After Newell’s announcement the Choir then sang a Dutch rendition of “God Be with You Till We Meet Again.” The audience was clearly moved by the singing and showed it with a standing ovation, complete with whistles and cheers.

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