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Explore the Choir Website’s New Christmas Page

The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square is synonymous with Christmas celebrations. Many people’s first acquaintance with the Choir is through its Christmas music. During the Christmas season music is everywhere as people gather to renew friendships, enjoy family, and celebrate the wondrous birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas music has the power to bring people closer to the divine and to evoke memories of joyful childhood experiences, families gathered around the Christmas tree, and gift exchanges with dear friends.

People can experience the Choir’s Christmas music through its audio recordings, its DVDs, its annual Christmas TV specials, its Christmas videos, its online streams, and its live concerts. To make it easier for audiences to find all the various ways to enjoy the Christmas music of The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square, check out the Choir website’s redesigned Christmas page

If you want to know where to stream the Choir’s Christmas music for free, or watch performances of a favorite song or guest artist, or even find when this year’s Christmas with the Tabernacle Choir TV special will be broadcast on PBS or BYUtv—then this is the page for you! 

We have included all things Christmas and The Tabernacle Choir on one page! 

Here are some of the features you’ll want to explore: 

Find information and links to a variety of streaming or online sources for Christmas songs and playlists—even when using your Alexa device or The Tabernacle Choir’s mobile app.

If you want to watch recorded Christmas music from the Choir’s broadcasts and concerts, explore the links provided to our website videos, YouTube playlists, and Gospel Library playlists that will keep you busy for hours!  

Information about current season Christmas performances are found here such as the specific air dates and times for the PBS and BYUtv Christmas with The Tabernacle Choir specials. In the future, when the Choir, Orchestra, and Bell ensembles are able to resume live performances, this webpage will also have Christmas concert information on dates, times and ticket availability for each concert.

Mention “Handel’s Messiah” at Christmastime and many people will think of performances by the Choir and Orchestra. In this section of the Christmas page, you’ll find links to a myriad of resources about George Frederic Handel and this beloved oratorio in a number of languages. There are also links to view the on-demand concert stream by the Choir and Orchestra and to purchase the Choir and Orchestra’s Messiah recordings.

Check out the link to the Choir’s Shop page where you can find where to purchase or download recordings—with the Christmas recordings featured in one section. 

Check it out!