Stream the Bells at Temple Square Concert, “Visions of the Season” This Friday.
Enjoy the concert.
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You can watch the Bells at Temple Square concert on demand anytime on the Choir’s YouTube channel.

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3 Videos to Ignite Your Valentine's Day Spark

Happy Valentine’s Day! No matter what you do today, take time to focus on your love. Here are some selections to inspire and ignite your Valentine’s Day mojo.

The Warm Embers of Love – The Spoken Word

This segment of “The Spoken Word” reminds us how important it is to rekindle the embers of love through daily choices and acts of kindness. “Like a fire, love needs constant attention and nurturing through words and acts of affection and selflessness.”


Somewhere – West Side Story

“Somewhere” from West Side Story is a song about hope, and conveys a feeling that nothing will get in the way of true love. To add to the romanticism of the song, “Somewhere” uses a phrase from Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-flat major, Op. 73, also known as the Emperor Concerto.