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5 Reasons to Love Music & the Spoken Word

Updated June 21, 2020

There are countless reasons to love Music & the Spoken Word. It is known and loved throughout the world and stands as a symbol for good in an ever-changing world. Here are five of the top reasons to love Music & the Spoken Word:

1. The Music

The music by The Tabernacle Choir ranges from sacred hymns, Hollywood films, Broadway shows, Oratorio’s, patriotic, Christmas, folk and more. From the signature opening of “Gently Raise the Sacred Strain,” to the closing phrase of “God Be With You Till We Meet Again,” the music takes center stage. Mack Wilberg currently directs the Choir, and is world renowned for his arrangements that are performed weekly by the Choir.


2. The Spoken Word

Since the very beginning, words of comfort, joy, love and inspiration have been shared as 2-3 minute messages or sermonettes that intertwine with the musical themes presented. Throughout the years there have been three regular program narrators: Richard L. Evans (1930-1971) J. Spencer Kinard (1972-1990) and Lloyd Newell (1991-present).


3. The History

If you haven’t heard the story, it’s a great one; it all started one hot summer day when a wire was run from a local radio station to the Tabernacle, which was almost a block away. On July 15, 1929, the announcer stood on a ladder where a single microphone hung from the domed ceiling. Hand signals cued the announcer where he declared the following words: “From the crossroads of the West, we welcome you to a program of inspirational music and spoken word.” The message is the heart of the program and has contributed to its longevity. 

4. The Longest Continuous Broadcast

All people need to be uplifted; inspiring music and words of comfort and truth have the power to do just that. With over 4,700 continuous broadcasts and counting, Music & the Spoken Word is the longest continuous broadcast in the world. 

5. Hall of Fame Inductions

The program was inducted into the National Association of Broadcaster Radio Hall of Fame in 2004, and also the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2010. Of the induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame Mack Wilberg stated, “This is especially significant for us…not only because of the very talented individuals who were also nominated with us in the National-Pioneer category, but also because the selection was determined by a vote of the American listening public.”

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