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9/11: Rising Above—Special Edition of Music & the Spoken Word with Tom Brokaw

Ten years after the tragedies of 9/11, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and orchestra at Temple Square dedicated a special episode of their weekly broadcast, in remembrance of the occasion. Special guest, Tom Brokaw introduced the program by saying the following:

“It’s been years since 9/11 and yet we continue to tell the stories of the children, parents, families, airline passengers, and air-traffic controllers, the firemen and other first responders‑for they inspire and give us hope. But, how do we tell the story of the rest of America? Those who watched the images, and heard the accounts and were forever changed. As they went through their own experiences with loved ones and war zones and struggled with economic uncertainty at home, they never gave up. The story of America cannot be told in words and images alone. Join the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square in a remembrance of 9/11, of a nation rising above.”

The songs in the program were set to stunning images of America, war memorials, national monuments, firefighters and other first responders, and Ground Zero, where the world trade center once stood in New York City. The narrative included stories of ordinary citizens who lost loved ones in the tragedy and drew closer to their families and faith though their experience. The following songs were included in the broadcast:

1.     “Shenandoah”

2.     “For the Beauty of the Earth”

3.     “Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)”

4.     “Homeward Bound”

5.     “Amazing Grace”

6.     “God Bless America”

Before the final song, Brokaw said, “God Bless America became the unofficial anthem of 9/11 because so many found comfort and guidance in its soaring stanzas. It bound together a nation in need of a common voice. Today, with arms outstretched to one another, and hands willing to serve, America has come together once again. May it ever be so.”