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Downloads of Choir music including this year’s Messiah release are now available at

A New Choice to Listen to Mormon Tabernacle Choir Music!

How do you choose to listen to music? When the Mormon Tabernacle Choir made its first recording in 1910, there was only one way to listen to recorded music:  with a gramophone, or later a phonograph.

Today music lovers have many choices when they want to listen to music. They can purchase compact discs (CDs), download digital albums or tracks in MP3 or other formats, or simply stream the music directly from free or subscription streaming services through personal computers, tablets, or cell phones. The recording industry reports today the majority of music lovers use at least two or more listening methods, often streaming first to identify and experience new music and repertoire, then purchasing or downloading their favorites to own, collect, or give to friends as gifts.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir offers its followers the full-range of music listening options. On the Shop pages of are links to purchase Choir recordings from Deseret Book, iTunes, Amazon, and the LDS Online Store. For those who want to listen before they buy, the Choir’s website also has a 24/7 music stream as well as a Sacred Music Library.

The Choir has also recently added another option for purchasing Choir recordings: MP3 downloads from the LDS Online Store at Now in addition to physical CDs, you can purchase MP3 albums or single-track MP3s with over 621 individual tracks to choose from, all available with prices lower than other download services.