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Canada Day Special—Mormon Tabernacle Choir

In celebration of Canada’s turning 150, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square recorded a special broadcast of Music & the Spoken Word. The Choir and Orchestra were joined by a special guest, the Wasatch and District Pipe Band.

After the Choir performed the opening song, the Canadian version of “This Land Is Your Land,” announcer Lloyd Newell said, “Today we join with Canadians around the world to commemorate the 150th anniversary of this great nation’s birth. On this day, we celebrate Canada’s national heritage, built on foundational principles of freedom, diversity, and mutual respect, and look toward a future of sustained good will and prosperity.”

Canada Day is celebrated on each year on July 1. The holiday celebrates the anniversary of the July 1, 1867, enactment of the Constitution Act. Canada Day was originally called Dominion Day but was renamed in 1982, when the Canada Act was passed. Each year, celebrations such as parades, festivals, concerts, carnivals, and festivals take place throughout Canada and around the world.

The track listing from the program includes the following:

1. “This Land Is Your Land” (Canadian version)

2. “Homeward Bound”

3. “Farewell to Nova Scotia” (organ solo)

4. “Fill the World with Love,” from Goodbye, Mr. Chips

5. The Maple Leaf Flag—Symbol of a Nation (Spoken Word)

6. “O Canada”

7. “Thou Gracious God, Whose Mercy Lends”

Newell’s spoken word segment was focused on the story of the national flag of Canada, the red and white maple leaf flag, which became the official flag of Canada in 1965. During his speech at the national flag inauguration ceremony, Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson said, “Under this flag may our youth find new inspiration for loyalty to Canada, for a patriotism not based on any mean or narrow nationalism but on the deep and equal pride that all Canadians will feel for every part of this good land.” For the Music & the Spoken Word special, the men of the Choir wore Canadian flag pins on their lapels.

Watch videos from the broadcast or the full episode: