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Good News: Choir 2020 Christmas Products!

It may seem a little early to focus on Christmas, but good news is hard to resist!

The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square are pleased to announce the October release of their new 2020 Christmas products. Recorded from the 2019 Christmas concerts on Temple Square with Tony Award® winning star Kelli O’Hara and renowned actor Richard Thomas, the music and message of the concerts celebrate Christmas for everyone.


Christmas Day in the Morning: Awakening the Joy of Christmas
Book (Release date 10-06-2020)

This new adaptation of Pearl Buck’s “Christmas Day in the Morning” recounts the touching story of a man who remembers giving an unusual gift of self in his boyhood—a gift that filled him with Christmas joy. This heartfelt story was narrated in the Choir’s Christmas concert by actor Richard Thomas with music by the Choir and Orchestra. The original story concludes with a letter of gratitude and love written to his wife which awakens his Christmas joy once again. The final pages of this book provide a place for you to write your own letter of gratitude and love—a letter that will most likely help to rekindle the Christmas joy that comes from the gratitude we express from our hearts. We all need to remember that the true joy of Christmas is to love and to awaken love.

Christmas Day in the Morning
CD (Release date 10-16-2020)

The Tabernacle Choir, Orchestra at Temple Square, and Bells at Temple Square and guest artists Kelli O’Hara and Richard Thomas together celebrate Christmas through music and touching messages of Christmas—messages of love, selfless service, and gratitude for a Savior who brings peace. The music includes melodies inspired by medieval chant, a calypso carol, an African-American spiritual, a show-tune medley, a bluegrass-styled carol, and a ballad made famous by Nat King Cole—all reminding us that no matter our country or culture, Christmas brings us together from wherever we are. It will remind everyone that the universal message of Christmas is truly our shared peace and joy.

Christmas Day in the Morning
(Release date 10-16-2020)

With the DVD, audiences will be able to both view the concert stage and featured artists while listening to the entire music concert. Each year the Christmas concert brings something unanticipated by the audience. 2019 was no exception. When this concert begins, all that can be seen is the empty stage decorated with suggestions of “Americana.” With the downbeat of the beginning song, audiences see the Choir members as they artfully enter the Conference Center each carrying a light or lantern gradually lighting up the entire stage—a reminder of the birth of the Light of the World. You will also be able to watch and listen to the heartfelt narration of the Pearl Buck story within a re-created farmhouse kitchen accompanied by the beautiful music of the Choir and Orchestra. These are truly Christmas experiences everyone will remember.

Remember to watch the upcoming PBS and BYUtv Christmas specials this coming December. More information about the television specials will be published when available.