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Choir Connecting With Fans Through Social Media

“Music has the ability to cross over languages, cultures, and all borders and go right to the heart,” Heidi Green, social media producer for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir explains. “Since we launched our YouTube channel a year ago, we have been able to connect with more of our fans and meet them in the 21st century way.”

“Without leaving our headquarters here in Salt Lake City, we’re so glad that we can still reach out to viewers even in Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Indonesia, Nigeria and the Philippines (just to name a few). We’re thrilled that music continues to be the link that binds us together.”  Here’s a sampling of comments from fans:


#MoTab just did Hold On from Secret Garden. Those feels? Those are happy feels.


There are days when one needs to hear this kind of music - via @youtube #MoTab & @MormonTabChoir


Best. Concert. Ever. Like, in my whole life. #MoTab @MormonTabChoir (@ LDS Conference Center) [pic]: 

And Amy Lynn Andrus (Facebook):

The entire album (Homeward Bound) is a masterpiece, so it's impossible to choose just one. But I love when an arrangement elevates a song I've never loved or even liked to a new favorite; that's the case with "Home on the Range." Who knew it could be so wistful and heartbreakingly beautiful?

We love hearing how music is blessing your lives. But we also love interacting with you. In July, we were able to stream the Pioneer Day Concert live through our YouTube channel and Facebook to allow everyone around the world to listen to our concert with Lindsey Stirling and Nathan Pacheco.” Some of the comments were:

@Ronda Erickson: Wow! I'm nearly speechless! All I can say is BRAVO!

Tara King: Magnifique

And even better, we had a Google+ Hangout where over 2,000 of you got to see and ask questions of Lindsey and Nathan. We loved hearing from you! If you aren’t already connecting with the Choir, now’s the time! Join in to get all the updates on our tours, guest artists, tickets to events, CD releases and so much more.

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