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The Tabernacle Choir Continues Its Musical “Fermata”—But Only for a Few Beats

The 2021 Music for a Summer Evening (Pioneer Day) concerts will be canceled but with the future looking brighter, 2021 auditions for The Tabernacle Choir will take place!

When 2021 began, the Choir looked ahead to this new year with hope. We reported that members of the Choir organization have used a musical term to describe the time apart due to COVID-19 restrictions. They describe their temporary pause from singing like a musical “fermata—an intentional pause.”

“What does an intentional pause mean? In music terminology, a ‘fermata’ or ‘grand pause’ in a musical performance is where, as writer Ann Moul expressed, ‘the musician is to rest indefinitely. Everything stops, and the choir stands frozen, waiting for that pivotal moment when the conductor’s arms come down and his or her face lights up and we are released to sing again. The music always comes back after a Grand Pause, no matter how long it lasts.’”

2021 Music for a Summer Evening Concert in July Canceled

Months later as the Choir continues to review the events scheduled for 2021, with continuing restrictions still in place, it has been determined that the previously announced 2021 Music for a Summer Evening concert usually held each year in conjunction with Pioneer Day celebrations in July will regretfully be canceled for the 2021 year. 

At this time live, Music & the Spoken Word live broadcasts and public rehearsals still continue to be postponed. However, the Music & the Spoken Word program with previously-recorded episodes airs and streams each week thanks to the Choir's large library of uplifting, encouraging, and heartfelt music . Each episode is available on YouTube and Facebook for on-demand viewing immediately after the weekly streams. (New Spoken Word messages are being included in the previously-aired broadcasts each week.)

2021 Choir Audition Application Cycle Begins June 1, 2021

After a few beats, every musical fermata ends. So too the pause on new Choir applicants is ending with the resumption of the annual audition cycle. Get your singing voices in tune! 

While The Tabernacle Choir organization waits with hopeful anticipation for that satisfying moment when everyone will be able to return to live performances, the Choir is pleased to announce that it will move forward with the 2021 Choir audition process. The Choir’s 2021 audition applications will be available online beginning Tuesday, June 1. All applications should be submitted online by Sunday, August 15. 

In August 2020, the remaining three of the four phases of the 2020 audition cycle were postponed until 2021. Applicants who had successfully completed Phase I of that cycle received an email from the Choir informing them of details regarding finishing the remaining phases. They will join successful 2021 audition Phase 1 applicants to complete the additional three phases later this year. 

In normal circumstances, members of The Tabernacle Choir have the unique experience of expressing their faith and talents through music that has the power to help people feel closer to the divine. Their usual duties include weekly performances on the Music & the Spoken Word broadcast plus concerts, tours, and recordings. Choir members average six hours per week rehearsing for 75 scheduled performances per year.

To apply, all applicants must be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in good standing; be between 25 and 55 years of age on April 30, 2022, when Choir service would begin; and currently reside within 100 miles of the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The process to become a member of the Choir stretches over nine months. An individual must meet the membership criteria outlined above and complete a four-phase audition process. To learn more about the Choir audition application process check here.