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Choir Launches 24/7 Music Stream

We’ve been teasing you about it for a couple of weeks. Now here’s the big news: The Choir has a new feature on its website -- a music stream powered by the Mormon Channel. Now you can listen to Choir music all day, without interruptions. And, all night, too. The music stream is programmed with selections from the Choir’s deep reservoir of recorded music. 

The best part is that the music stream is a easily accessed on the Choir’s website under “Watch and Listen” with a simple step-by step guide on how to use the new stream.

A box on the pop-up screen indicates what Choir album carries the particular song being played so if you want the selection in your music library, you can buy it on the website as well. Also indicated is what song is up next so you can just sit down, block out the world and listen to one of your favorite pieces of Choir music. The player will stay active even if you close the website page.

“We’ve been working on this feature for our fans for quite a while,” general manager Scott Barrick explains. “Our listeners were coming to our website but not being able to listen to music there. We’ve not only provided the music but we’ve made it easy to buy your favorite songs with just one click on the ‘Buy Now’ button. We hope our fans will listen and buy.”

The Choir also offers a music stream of sacred music drawn from general conferences of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The same access applies—just go to “Watch and Listen” on the Choir’s website.