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Choir Music That “Speaks” Comfort and Peace

Each of us experiences occasional moments when we are in need of personal comfort.  Especially at this time, have you felt a need to find a soothing influence, peace, or strength to improve your life? Studies of music confirm that music can “speak” to many of us. Among its many benefits, music has proven to improve personal comfort and reduce stress, pain, and anxiety. 

“Where words fail, music speaks” is a quote attributed to Danish author and poet, Hans Christian Andersen.

We invite you to include the music of The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square as you seek to find comfort and peace in your lives every day—or during your trying times. The Choir and Orchestra seek to provide music that enables everyone to feel closer to the divine and celebrate God’s love for all HIs children--giving comfort and peace to all. 

Enjoy these songs below that are sure to touch your heart: