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Choir Orchestra off on Atlantic Coast tour

Every two years for almost two decades, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has toured performing in both international and national concert halls and outdoor theaters.  The Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square will be performing five major concerts in Maryland, New York and Massachusetts including two programs in the famous Carnegie Hall.

Ask Mack Wilberg, music director of the Choir, his favorite part of tour and he doesn’t mention turning in his bag a week early to be trucked across the country or the three plane loads of people or even the sound checks in each facility to get the signature music of the Choir just right.  He is quick to say, “It’s the concerts.” 

All the rest of the arrangements that have taken two years to plan and negotiate, the time off work for many Choir members, the transporting of wardrobe and even the massive number of hotel rooms needed for the Choir, not to mention the food, are just footnotes to what tour is all about.

The Choir tours to share its music. Choir members have memorized more than 30 pieces that they will be singing in two different programs.  The music, Wilberg says, how it communicates to the listener, requires a different program outdoors than indoors.

Watch and listen to Wilberg and Ryan Murphy, associate conductor, describe where the Choir is going and why: (link to interview)