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Choir’s First Live Broadcast in 19 Months!

Thanks to the success of The Tabernacle Choir’s COVID protocols and building on its experience singing at the October general conference sessions, the entire Choir—as well as the Orchestra at Temple Square and Bells at Temple Square—will perform in-person for the first live Music & the Spoken Word program in 19 months!

As a clear signal that Music & the Spoken Word episodes going forward are brand new and not re-aired as has been the case since March 2020, there is a whole new look to the broadcast. These fresh, new refinements will make it evident to everyone the Choir and Orchestra are back with a new repertoire and inspiring messages.

Watch for These New Refinements

  • The new episodes will include a new opening sequence showing the Choir and Orchestra logo introduced last year along with a brand new Music & the Spoken Word logo designed to complement the Choir identity.
  • The opening musical accompaniment has been enhanced by music director Mack Wilberg.
  • Watch for the use of the updated Choir pipes logo in the lower left position which confirms this is a Choir product.
  • The information text given on-screen for each musical selection will now include names of the composer, lyricist, and arranger for audiences to enjoy.
  • After each airing, each broadcast will be posted for immediate on-demand viewing online on the Choir’s YouTube channel and Facebook pages.

New Music Repertoire

In addition to the visual changes, audiences will be pleased to see and hear that in the first live broadcast on October 24 the music repertoire will include four new music selections: Mack Wilberg’s new composition “We Thank Thee, Lord, for This New Day,” and his new arrangements of “Tuya es la gloria (To Thee Be the Glory),” (sung in both Spanish and English) and “Now Thank We All Our God,” as well as Richard Elliott’s new organ solo “Praise and Thanksgiving.” Future Music & the Spoken Word broadcasts will also include more new music by Wilberg and associate music director Ryan Murphy.

“Leaning Forward with Faith”

The world needs the power of uplifting music to help listeners feel peace and comfort in this challenging world, and to bring listeners closer to the divine. For now, the Choir organization is “leaning forward with faith” as Choir president Michael Leavitt has urged—one careful “step at a time" as we move towards the future. Performing live for Music & the Spoken Word has been a “step on the ice” that has taken extraordinary patience, sacrifice, and faith from all members of The Tabernacle Choir organization.

As we all continue to lean forward, the Choir organization is working hard to make sure that this step of in-person singing continues to be successful through our COVID protocols.  It is hoped that as soon as conditions allow, in-person audiences will once again be invited to join the Choir for its performances.

Stay tuned!