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Christmas Story Of The Candy Bomber Now On Sale

One of the most memorable and touching events in the aftermath of World War II's was the saga of the American "Candy Bomber."

The story, narrated by veteran newscaster Tom Brokaw at the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert in December 2012, is now captured in a stunning, illustrated book –Christmas From Heaven: The True Story of the Berlin Candy Bomber. Click here to order your copy.

Lt. Gail Halverson, a young cargo pilot in the US Army Air Corps was flying much needed supplies into war-ravaged, Soviet-blockaded Berlin when he one day shared two sticks of gum with German children.  His small act through the fence at the Templhof runway initiated a series of legendary airlifts.

Halverson and his buddies pooled their gum and chocolate and began dropping candy from the air to waiting children.  As word spread of the effort, donations poured in from America --18 tons from candy makers and another 3 tons from private donors.

From such tender kindness, hope was reborn in the German children; their parents’ hearts were softened.  “The wounds of war began to heal.”