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Motabs to Boston: “There's a new T party in town”

Daily Tour Diary 13

By Rob and Cheri Hancock

There was another "T" party tonight in Boston only this time the "T" stands for tabernacle. Instead of angry colonists in war paint, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir swarmed Boston's Wang Theater in gowns and suits tossing off anthems and beloved favorites like so many boxes of valuable tea into a sea of admirers and new friends.

The choir has anticipated coming to the Athens of America for a long time, especially since Boston is a city of choirs. Boston is all about high culture with a capital "C", and Boston's sensitivity to fine choral singing was on full display tonight as the audience sat in funereal silence through the first half of the program. Nary an out of place clap or cough was heard to disturb or distract from Mack's design of artistic and thematic unity. But come intermission, they unleashed their enthusiasm in a fury of appreciative applause, whoops, and whistles.

In the second half of the concert new England's favorite son Ryan Murphy was welcomed to the stage vociferously as he took over baton duties. He fired up the audience with all-American patriotism as his mentors and teachers from childhood watched and cheered.

Adding luster to the evening was surprise guest conductor Jane Clayson and two governors in the audience from Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Adding humor to the evening was Alex Boye dancing so vigorously that he tore his pants open when he went down in the splits.

With the city having gone through unspeakable tragedy in the last couple years, this Boston audience showed us what it means to be "Boston strong." In return the choir sang to them the Christian song: "I'm going to live forever." Freedom's dream was ignited in Boston, and tonight the dream lives on.