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The Last Word

Daily Tour Diary 14

By Melinda Baros

(Melinda Baros, a new member of the Choir, began our Daily tour series and concludes it with her personal thoughts about the experience.)

On the final day of tour, this first-timer will try to encapsulate the last 14 days in just a few words. I will long remember the beautiful venues of Carnegie Hall, Saratoga, and Wang Theater. I reveled in the socializing and sightseeing, first-class meals, and service fit for royalty. We endured long bus rides, and exhausting hours of rehearsal and performance. We witnessed stark contrasts of lifestyle, from the dark, seedy pockets of New York City to the blazing patriotism and moral discipline at West Point.

But the memory that will endure most in my soul is the "Zion life experience" we created together. It was a great pleasure to unify our voices and musical talents, and for two glorious weeks proclaim the gospel. We were given the chance to realize what Elder Wilson pointed out in Psalms 50:2: Out of Zion the perfection of beauty.  

I stood all amazed at the brief glimpses of glory from Heavenly Father during our concerts. I caught sight of some of His purposes at once grander and more intimately individual than I could ever fathom.  I learned of governors and statesmen, millionaires and movie stars, tourists and busking musicians, and local residents, each touched to the point of tears, and yearning for more. Heavenly Father worked through us to reach out in love and beckoning to so many people. And I did my best to stand and sing my simple heart out, and let Him use all of my spiritual energy, physical strength and mental focus to further his infinite designs.

Heavenly Father did his own work, despite the initial kinks at Strathmore; the wind and rain at Bethel Woods; our individual weak memories and vocal foibles; and increasing sickness towards the end as our strength waned. Though we will never know the full depth and breadth of His work, we were given enough understanding to rejoice in our hearts for the rare privilege to be the Lord's ambassadors in such a beautiful way.