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Take a Bow Bob and Gloria!

Daily Tour Diary 3

By Dennis Griffin

Some rumblings from the timpani section:

Imagine a stack of sheet music one sheet atop another reaching from the earth to the moon!

I think that is what Bob and Gloria Campbell were envisioning when they started putting music in the orchestra folders these past two weeks. Music for two different concerts and a broadcast; let's calculate: multiply 50 orchestra folders times about 35 pieces of music - that's about 1750 pieces of music. Setting up cots in the library and ordering out for pizza, they have hibernated in the library like bears in the winter. Then they distribute all the orchestra music every performance and rehearsal.  And of course, they got all the right parts in the right folders. In his spare time Bob heads up the percussion section, assigning parts and getting the instruments ready and performing.

They are modest and unassuming and totally responsible in all of their assigned duties. They are both very likable (just don't misplace your folder); Bob always has an anecdote at the ready from his many years as a musician. Bob and Gloria I know, are just two of the many unsung heroes that make the choir and orchestra so successful.