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See What Happens When This Exercising Mom Hears the Tabernacle Choir

The Tabernacle Choir’s music affects people in many ways. Some are brought to tears by the gentle tone and spirit of their favorite hymn—others marvel at the power of the Choir singing a Broadway or patriotic song. Some even enjoy having its music fill their homes while they go about their chores or take a catnap.

Then there are fans who just can’t help but move to the music while they are in the middle of…exercising? That’s right; this fan was in the middle of exercising on her living room floor when her son turned on the Choir’s Christmas concert featuring Alfie Boe. She suddenly started doing what can only be described as a cross between conducting and riding a stationary bike—while lying down.

Her son grabbed his smart phone and filmed the entire event. After powering through almost two minutes of intense conductor-cise, she completes the song with a gusto that would make Mack Wilberg proud. During the applause she sighs and drops her arms to the floor as her son enthusiastically says, “Good work, Mom!” She catches her breath and offers a well-timed “Thank you,” perhaps not only to her son but to the 21,000 fans that could be heard cheering in the background.

Keep up the great work!