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How to Use the Historical Roster for The Tabernacle Choir, Orchestra, and Bells at Temple Square

The Choir's website,, is home to a robust Historical Roster of former and current members of the Tabernacle Choir, Orchestra at Temple Square, Bells on Temple Square, and staff, both volunteer and professional. Below is a step-by-step guide on using the Historical Roster. Be sure to check out the video tutorial at the bottom of the page too.

Visit Historical Roster

View the Historical Roster of The Tabernacle Choir, Orchestra, and Bells at Temple Square.

Search Roster

Typing a name in the search box will pull up first, middle, and last names that match the search. For example, a search for 'Rose' will pull up Mary Rose Jack (Rose is middle name), Rose Eddington (Rose is first name), and Leona A. Rose (Rose is last name).

Browse Alphabetically

The Historical Roster can be browsed alphabetically too. Simply click on any letter and the Roster will be sorted alphabetically based on the last name of the person in the Historical Roster.


The Historical Roster indicates the role of each person listed. MTC means the person was in the ChoirOTS signifies Orchestra at Temple Square,BOTS stands for Bells on Temple Square, and Staff means the person was on the volunteer or professional staff.

Information on the years of service and part/assignment are also provided, if known. An asterisk (*) denotes non-consecutive years of service.

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There are hundreds of names listed in the Historical Roster and new entries added on a frequent basis. Happy researching!