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Finding Your Favorite Patriotic Choir Music on YouTube

Everyone has a favorite patriotic song they love.  Since the birth of our country, schools across the nation have taught students music that speaks of love for country and those who serve. Children learn to sing, hum, clap, and even march with pride waving the nation’s flag in their hands as the music begins. 

Independence Day celebrations—like other days of national remembrance—have always included music as part of each program. In July 1776, the first public celebrations of the newly adopted Declaration of Independence included bell ringing and band music.

It has been said that patriotic songs are the “soundtrack of the American nation.” 

Irving Berlin, the great American composer of the much loved “God Bless America” song once said: “A patriotic song is an emotion.” It is true. Patriotic music helps uplift us during difficult times of crisis, strengthens our determination to preserve our nation when there is uncertainty, and builds assurances for each of us of who we can be as a nation.

Enjoy your favorite patriotic songs performed by The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square as you celebrate the nation. 

  • Listen or watch your favorite patriotic music on the Choir’s YouTube “Patriotic Playlist” which includes 57 songs from performances of The Tabernacle Choir, Orchestra, or Bells on Temple Square. As each song ends on the playlist, the next song on the list will begin. 

You can listen to the playlist, or choose your favorite songs from the Choir’s YouTube channel with such favorites as:

  • Don’t miss this! Watch the visually stunning “4th of July Live at West Point” that was recorded at West Point’s majestic outdoor Trophy Point Amphitheater during the Choir and Orchestra’s 2015 Atlantic Coast tour. Enjoy “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” “Cohan’s Big Three,” “The Stars and Stripes” and many more favorites. Read more about this amazing concert experience here. The concert is posted on the Choir’s YouTube page.