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Get Tickets for Choir Tour Before They Are Gone!

‘Give,’ Said the Little Stream” is a beloved children’s song most everyone remembers from childhood and still can hum or sing today. This popular tune written by Fanny J. Crosby and included in hymnals of many faiths since the 1870s has been a reminder for more than a century to give to others-“Give, oh, give.” The song is included in the recently released Choir album Teach Me to Walk in the Light and Other Children’s Favorites and is now featured on a video on the Choir’s YouTube Channel.

The new video is what Ed Payne, producer of Music & the Spoken Word, calls the “back story.” Cameras followed six choir members into their homes to see just how they give of themselves. “It’s one thing to see Choir members in the loft,” Payne explains, “but when you see them living the words they sing, the music takes on new meaning. The words suddenly have faces, and that integrity is what makes the video more than just pictures and a song.” The video features Choir members working with their children, visiting the sick, helping an aged mother, and fixing a faucet among other things.

This is not the first-nor the last-Choir video adding a new depth to the “repertoire.” With the new YouTube channel, the Choir is able to reach anyone and everyone across nations and languages. Posting videos on YouTube like “‘Give,’ Said the Little Stream” and the recent “I Want Jesus to Walk With Me,” featuring Alex Boyé, gives a whole new dimension to the Choir’s music and message.