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A Tabernacle of…Gingerbread?

You may have heard of a tabernacle of clay, but chances are you’ve never heard of a tabernacle of gingerbread…until now, that is. Mormon Tabernacle Choir member Gregory Marsh spent three weeks constructing the replica, which measures 25" x 16" and stands 9 inches tall. 

The model is complete with the Choir, Orchestra at Temple Square, conductor (with baton), organist, and audience all made of jelly beans; an organ and flowers made of icing; pipe organ made of gingerbread; and a removable roof, of course. The Tabernacle even includes carefully placed icing to resemble the lattice truss design that supports the roof, a camera jib for filming the broadcasts, and sheet music for the Orchestra members.

Of the construction, Marsh said: “The dome was made of about 70 pieces of gingerbread, each cut out and baked in the shape of an arch, then glued together with icing. It's been a fun project." His wife Elizabeth is a member of the Orchestra at Temple Square, and together they have a blog called

Watch this amazing video, which condenses the entire three-week construction process into just over a minute.

Photos courtesy of Gregory and Elizabeth Marsh.