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Behind the Scenes with Janice Kapp Perry: “Holding Hands Around the World"

In 2002, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was to hold their first Primary satellite broadcast, and Janice Kapp Perry was given the task to write a song for the conference. As she has so often done before, she retreated to her mountain cabin, where she could have a peaceful environment with no phone or interruptions.

While at her cabin, Perry had a unique experience. She recounted, “I had a nice time up there, a nice experience; I wrote this little upbeat song ‘Holding Hands Around the World.’. . . And I also wrote another song, ‘I’ll Follow Him in Faith.’ They both just sort of came at the same time, so I wrote them both and sent them into the Church just before we left on our mission to Chile, saying, 'This song "Holding Hands Around the World" is the song I wish you wanted; "I’ll Follow Him in Faith" is the one I think you want.'”

While she and her husband were on their mission, she attended the satellite broadcast and almost forgot that she had written the songs for the occasion and didn’t know if either song was chosen. To her surprise, they were both performed during the broadcast.

See the video below for the Choir’s performance of “Holding Hands Around the World,” which also appears on the Choir's album Teach Me to Walk in the Light.