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How Many Hidden “Easter Eggs” Can You Find in “Silent Night”?

Actor Kevin Sorbo stars in the new Christmas video for “Silent Night,” which is generating extremely positive feedback online. The symbolic music video features a diverse community rallying together to help a young couple with the unexpected birth of a child, as a father is moved to reconcile with his daughter.

Mack Wilberg’s arrangement of “Silent Night” serves as the centerpiece of the video. (Read the heartwarming story of Wilberg’s arrangement.) In the video, Sorbo plays the role of Officer Shepherd, a policeman, who finds himself in the midst of a medical emergency on Christmas Eve, when a young couple’s baby decides it’s the perfect time to enter the world. As it turns out, the timing is perfect for Officer Shepherd’s change of heart as well.

Can You Find the Symbolic Easter Eggs?

The term “Easter egg” refers to an intentional hidden message, image, or inside joke that is usually placed in movies, video games, or computer programs. Throughout the video, there are numerous (no less than eight) hidden “Easter eggs”—many of which have symbolic reference to the scriptures.

We would like to challenge viewers to find the Easter eggs, and let us know what you found. In the near future, we will publish a second blog post that contains the meaning of each Easter egg and its location in the video. See how many you can find in the video above.

It is worth noting that many of our previous Christmas videos contain similar hidden meanings. If you feel like taking on the additional challenge of searching our previous videos, see below. Many of the comments in these YouTube videos contain viewers’ findings, so it may be worth taking a look there if you’re in need of a clue.