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How To Use the Mormon Tabernacle Choir 24/7 Music Stream

The Choir has officially launched a 24/7 commercial free music stream on This stream, powered by the Mormon Channel, will enable you to listen while you get ready for your day, relax, do your work, or when you want to feel inspired, hopeful or at peace.

View the Stream

Go to the ‘Listen to Music’ section of the website or go to our home page, hold your cursor over 'Watch and Listen,' and click 'Listen to Music.'

Listen to Music

Click on the play button to launch the Choir’s 24/7 music stream. Once the player is opened, the music of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square will continue playing until you press stop or close the player. The player keeps playing even if you close the website page view. Another music listening option is the General Conference Choir music archive. This allows you to choose a specific song to play from those performed by the Choir in the Church's semi-annual general conferences. 


The 24/7 music player shows features a volume icon at the top of the player for easy volume control. Just click the icon and slide the volume to your desired listening level. There is a ‘Buy Now’ option underneath the song title which takes you to the Choir’s website for purchasing options. For convenience, there is also an ‘up next’ feature so you can see what song is coming next.

Buy Now 

When you click 'Buy Now' a new window opens allowing you to browse buying options in on our website. (See below)

The 24/7 music stream will provide you with hours upon hours of quality music from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Enjoy your listening!