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How to Use The Tabernacle Choir’s Sacred Music Library

Did you know the Choir has a music archive that lets you find your favorite songs from specific general conferences from 2006 to 2020? Perhaps you heard a song during last October’s general conference that you keep humming but can't quite remember the title. Now you know where to go to find it. Here are some easy steps on how to use the archive.

View the Archive

Click here to get to the “Listen to Music” section of the website. From the Choir’s website home page, hold your cursor over “Watch and Listen,” and click “Listen to Music.”

Listen to Music

Click here to access the Choir’s Sacred Music Library which contains just the conference music provided by The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square. (To find music from other sessions provided by other Choirs, go to You can search the library by song title or by general conference date. Or you can use the library like an extended playlist to stream conference music while you study or work. You can even download music to create your own custom playlist. 

Searching the Library

To find specific songs on the Sacred Music Library, there are a couple of options. To search by title, type in the song title or a few words from the title in the “Search by Title” box as pictured below. To search by conference, click the drop-down menu next to “Event Date” and select the conference date. The music for the conference date you selected will then appear and you can select a specific song or play the music from that conference.

Using the Sacred Music Library as a Playlist

When you select a song to play, it will appear in the player near the top of the screen. Once the song is finished it will automatically play the next song in the sequence. Since the Sacred Music Library default sort is alphabetical, you may want to use the “Shuffle” function first before using the Library as a playlist. Just click on the “Shuffle” icon at the right you to shuffle the entire list of songs or a selected conference. You can press the “Pause” button at any time to pause the stream.

Download for Free

You can also download the general conference performance free of charge by clicking the “Download” icon as pictured below.

Many of the songs performed in general conference are also available for purchase in beautiful recordings accompanied by the Orchestra at Temple Square. You can search for these recordings on the Shop pages of the Choir’s website by clicking here. Once you are there, you can search for a specific song by entering the song name or keywords in the search box at the top right and clicking on “Songs” for links to a particular Choir album.

Enjoy the Sacred Music Library

Whether you search, stream, or download, the Sacred Music Library general conference music archive will help you relive the musical themes of past conferences, allow you to find favorite hymns and discover new favorites.