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Jeannine Goeckeritz: Enveloped in the Language of Music

As the principal flute in the Orchestra at Temple Square, Jeannine Goeckeritz sits behind the violin and viola string sections as they play and in front of The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square members as they sing. “I am enveloped in this amazing sound,” said Jeannine. “Being in the middle of this musical language that is being spoken has lifted me up when I’ve needed it. It’s given me peace and the strength I’ve needed to continue moving forward in my life.”

When in the 5th grade, Jeannine heard the 6th grade band give a concert at her elementary school in Texas. It changed her life. Jeannine explains, “I was hooked and decided right then that I was going to join the band and play the flute. My parents were hesitant about spending the money, especially on an art professor’s salary with six children. But my parents believed in me, and I worked hard each day practicing.” Her brother recently reminded her of the time he found Jeannine kneeling on the seat of the moving van when the family was moving to Utah, putting her music on the dashboard, and telling him, “I can’t miss a day of practicing!”

Jeannine has continued to practice her flute diligently and to work very hard. Known for her rich tones and expressive musical style, she is in constant demand for performances and recordings as a freelance musician. For many years she was an adjunct flute professor at Weber State University—and continues to teach private students. She can be heard on soundtracks, commercials, video games, and numerous recording artists’ CDs. Jeannine is part of the Oswald-Goeckeritz duo (with Tamara Oswald, principal harp for the Orchestra at Temple Square). Together they have played all over the country and in Europe for the VIP receptions that are integral to each Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square tour and have recorded a CD. Jeannine’s solo career continues to grow; she can be found on her Facebook and YouTube channels, and she has recently released her own CD. Passionate about inspiring others, especially children, to be involved in the arts, she continues to perform in small ensembles for the Utah Arts in Education program for elementary schools whenever she can.

Jeannine has been a member of the Orchestra at Temple Square since it was organized in 1999. When asked why she chooses to volunteer her time and musical talents, she responds quickly: “It is what I can give to others. I want music to uplift, inspire, and bring hope to people’s lives. As members of The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square, when we combine our musical talents and testimonies of the Savior to present beautiful music, we are a powerful force for good in the world. We can raise each life to a higher level—musically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

Reflecting on her own life experiences, Jeannine says: “As I have played my flute with the Orchestra and the Choir, they have brought me joy, soothed my soul when I was yearning for peace, lifted me up when I was in despair, and brought me to a much closer understanding of how much God loves me and knows my heart.” Being part of the music for Jeannine is the reward for the sacrifice of time and effort involved.