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Acclaimed Actor John Rhys-Davies Narrates the Nativity from Luke 2

Some know acclaimed Welsh actor, John Rhys-Davies, for his role as Sallah in the Indiana Jones films. Others know him as Gimli, from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. After watching the video above, many will know him as the narrator of the Christmas Story, from Luke 2. Davies was the guest artist for the 2013 Christmas concert with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

During the concert, Davies delivered a poignant reading of Luke 2 that just might change the way you read the scriptural account. His understanding of the Christmas story is evident in the video below where he explains the importance of it with simple, but powerful words and gestures. In the video interview, Davies begins by saying, “I think I first read Luke, chapter 2 when I was a schoolboy. The problem with these verses which you always hear, is we adopt them with 2,000 years of posthumous piety—and if we do that, we can very easily stop listening. And what I was trying to do was tell you a story.”

Let the Season In, the DVD, from the Christmas concert featuring John Rhys-Davies and Deborah Voigt is now available in stores and online.