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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Keep Christmas With You, Featuring Santino Fontana and the Muppets® from Sesame Street® 

In this one-of-a-kind video, music director, Mack Wilberg, and associate director, Ryan Murphy, take you through an in-depth look at Keep Christmas With You. Recorded during the Christmas concerts in December 2014, a unique combination of talent came together to make a truly memorable album.

Santino Fontana, who voiced Frozen’s Prince Hans, brought his strong vocals to the 22,000 seat Conference Center, singing songs such as “The Candy Man/Pocketful of Miracles,” “Some Children See Him,” and more. The Muppets® from Sesame Street® were searching for the true meaning of Christmas, while Cookie Monster searched for “Cooookiiies!” The adorable Sesame Street® gang performed many memorable songs such as “Keep Christmas With You (All Through the Year),” “Everyone Who Likes Christmas,” and a “Sesame Street Medley.”

The music directors discuss how the collaborations with the guest artists came about, and they go on a track-by-track journey through the album’s highlights, giving fascinating insights into the tracks. Wilberg and Murphy are interviewed by the Choir’s biographer Heidi Swinton, who works closely with the Choir and adds her own thoughtful insights to the discussion.

If you are even a casual fan of the Choir, Santino Fontana, or the Muppets® from Sesame Street®, you will love this video. Make sure to share the video link with friends and pick up your Keep Christmas With You CD and DVD today. 

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