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KSL’s Doug Wright Hosts One of His Final Radio Broadcasts in the Salt Lake Tabernacle

For 40 years, Doug Wright has graced the airwaves of Utah and beyond with his rich baritone voice. In March 2018, Wright announced his semi-retirement and will no longer host his daily talk show, The Doug Wright Show, on KSL Newsradio.

In 1985, Wright took over as a temporary fill-in as a talk show host and never looked back. “They asked … if I would kind of temporarily fill in until they found somebody decent, and they never did find somebody decent, so I’ve been a temporary employee for 33 years,” laughed Wright.

In his time at KSL, Wright has interviewed thousands of guests, ranging from politicians to religious leaders to musicians and everyday citizens. For many years, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has announced its concert guest artists on his show.

Doug Wright hosts his broadcast from the Tabernacle stage.

Listen to an interview with Doug Wright and Choir leadership.

On May 31, 2018, Wright conducted one of his final on-site broadcasts as host of The Doug Wright Show from the historic Salt Lake Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he was joined by Mormon Tabernacle Choir leadership to announce this year’s Pioneer Day guest artists Matthew Morrison, Laura Michelle Kelly, and Oscar “Andy” Hammerstein III.

Following the guest artists announcement segment, Mack Wilberg, Ron Jarrett, and Ron Gunnell stayed around to surprise Wright. “We have a tradition of doing a few surprises with every event.” Just as Wright and the Choir leadership were discussing what it could be, a large group of people could be heard exclaiming, “Doug, congratulations on 40 great years at KSL!” “That sounds like a lot of people,” said Wright. Wilberg explained, “First of all congratulations and God speed. That was the Choir and the Orchestra. We did that on Sunday morning before we did our broadcast.” “I’m deeply touched; that is just amazing that you would think to do that and take the time to do that. I so appreciate it, thank you,” said Wright in awe.

Doug Wright, Ron Gunnell, Ron Jarrett, and Mack Wilberg.

The Choir leadership also surprised Wright with a gift basket—normally reserved for Choir concert guest artists. “That is just beautiful, and that is big, big basket.” The surprises didn’t end there—“God Be with You Till We Meet Again” suddenly started playing, which brought Wright to tears. “I am so touched. Thank you. Every time I hear that song it brings a tear to my eye, just on a normal occasion. But today in this building, where I have memories of so many wonderful things—my grandfather, and my family, my kids. I just can’t thank you enough,” said Wright through his tears.

God be with you till we meet again, Doug.

Organist Richard Elliott and Doug Wright.