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The Latin Language Is Alive in Mormon Tabernacle Choir Videos

Have you ever heard someone say, “Latin is a dead language,” but you didn’t really understand why? The reason for this is because it is no longer used as the primary language of a particular community. While Latin may not be the native tongue of any particular community, it is spoken by numerous people around the globe and is gaining in popularity. A WGBH Radio news article states, “Believe it or not, there's a whole living Latin movement—people who are trying to get Latin to be used as a spoken language, not just treating it as a dead language that's on a page, that you might read in a Latin class, but actually a language you can speak conversationally.”

Only time will tell if Latin will make a full comeback as a living language, but it continues to live in music. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir continues to perform and record music with Latin phrases and complete text. Here are 9 videos by the Choir and guests with Latin language references: