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Lindsey Stirling Wins a Billboard Music Award

In the summer of 2013, a spritely Lindsey Stirling took the stage in front of 21,000 people with her trusty violin. She was a guest artist for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s annual Pioneer Day concert. At this point in her career, Stirling’s star was already on the rise. In 2010, she became a quarterfinalist on America’s Got Talent, where she gained a loyal following. Shortly after, her videos on YouTube began to gain viewership in the millions, and by 2012, Stirling’s song “Crystallize” made no. 8 on the top ten list of videos of 2012, with 42 million views.

One month before the Pioneer Day concerts with the Choir, Stirling’s self-titled debut album was certified gold in Germany, followed by Switzerland and Austria. To date, Stirling has released three full-length albums and a large number of singles, including a Star Wars medley with Peter Hollens, “The Show Must Go On” with Celine Dion, and “Radioactive” with Pentatonix, to name a few.

On May 21, 2017, Striling’s latest album, Brave Enough, won the award for Best Dance/Electronic Album. Brave Enough currently holds the no. 4 position on the Billboard Classical Albums Chart, and it made its peak at no. 1. A few days before the Billboard Music Awards, Stirling was interviewed by Billboard and admitted, “They’re one of my favorite awards shows. They were the first award show to validate what I did and say that it was worthwhile and give me any sort of credibility in the industry. When I first started creating my career, YouTube was sort of newer and very few platforms recognized YouTubers or creators as part of the artistic community, so Billboard was the first to kind of recognize it."

Watch Stirling’s videos from the Pioneer Day concert, which also featured tenor Nathan Pacheco.

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