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The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Takes Part in Record-Breaking Nativity

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The previous record for the world’s largest live nativity scene, with 898 people, took place last year in the United Kingdom. That record was recently broken when 1,039 people dressed as wise men, shepherds, angels, Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus, participated in a huge production to re-create the Savior's birth as part of a larger movement for sharing the gift of Christ. The event took place at Rock Canyon Park in Provo, Utah and was witnessed by Guinness World Record judge Michael Empric.

The new world record resulted in a video collaboration of “Angels, from the Realms of Glory,” which included the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, The Piano GuysDavid ArchuletaPeter Hollens, and many other Utah YouTubers, filmed by Devin Graham. The Organizers said that breaking the world record was secondary to highlighting religious faith over materialism. 

Mormon Tabernacle Choir member Siope Kinikini, who was present said, “Many of us who were strangers at the beginning of the night, sat in smaller circles talking about the night Christ was born. There was a real feeling of love with everyone there.” Holly Abel, who is also a member of the Choir added, “I honestly came home feeling that I had spent an evening with angels that night. There were ‘earth angels,' and I suspect there were plenty of angels from the other side participating as well.”

The event was heavily promoted on social media and attracted Nathan Hutson of Montana. He said, "The fact that this is an interfaith event is absolutely wonderful. It allows everyone to say—despite our differences in religion—we are all celebrating the birth of Christ."