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Videos to Honor the Best Moms in the World!

Let’s face it—life just wouldn’t be possible without mothers. Their amazing strength, selflessness, and determination give them the much-deserved title “the backbone of society.” They take on multiple roles and don’t always receive the praise and appreciation they deserve, yet they continue to raise generation after generation of successful children.

In a spoken word segment from a Mother’s Day special, Lloyd Newell remarked, “Mothers, by their very nature, are always thinking of others. Years of sacrificing and serving, of loving and giving, have taught them that their joy is increased as they bring joy to others.”

This Mother’s Day, let the mother in your life know how much you care by a phone call, a visit, a poem, a gift, or even a song. Below are videos that express the sincere love of a mother—and will perhaps help inspire a tribute to the woman who gave you your precious life. Happy Mother’s Day!

My Mother’s Love

The History of “My Mother’s Love”

It Was Mom: A Mother’s Day Tribute to Mom

Belgian Mother’s Song (Organ Solo)

A Mother’s Love

Mother’s Day Special (May 14, 2017)

Thanks to Mothers

A Mother’s Eyes Reflect the Love of Heaven

Mother’s Love—The Spoken Word

A Mother’s Heart 

Bonus Video: Just a Mom—Mother’s Day 2018