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Moving Luggage on Tour Is a Major Undertaking!

If 600 or so people are going on the Atlantic Coast tour of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, what does that say about how much luggage is going as well?  And instruments? And wardrobe containers? The task is then matching everyone up upon arrival with the right pieces.

Watch this video interview of Barry Anderson, administrative manager of the Choir, for interesting insight into what it takes to haul around the luggage for this many people for the 14 days of tour. For more than a decade, Anderson has been refining the system to move not just people, but all the bags. The luggage pull—the Choir’s term—required all big bags to be delivered to the Conference Center dock on June 18—nearly a week before the Choir and Orchestra members themselves leave on tour!!

Everyone is allowed one large bag, one smaller bag the size of an airline carry on, and a small personal bag.  The large piece of luggage is going by truck a week early and not catching up with the Choir until their arrival in New York City--three days into the tour. The small piece of luggage will be checked on the plane and will have to supply Choir members for the first few days. And that’s just personal items.  Other trucks with special containers for the concert wardrobe and large instruments also leave early. Smaller instruments—many of them very expensive—will travel in the overhead compartments.