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New Choir Hosts to Welcome Guests to the Broadcast

Visiting Music & the Spoken Word in person in the Tabernacle or the Conference Center? When you do, come early so that you can hear from our hosts before the broadcast begins. Some new hosts will be at the microphone and they come with special credentials. They are members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. 

Currently three long-time hosts—Mark Eubank, Ruth Todd, and Kent Norton—welcome the audience prior to the broadcast giving interesting facts, history and glimpses into the Choir experience. They will continue in the rotation and twelve new faces will join them, two at a time, dressed in Choir wardrobe and sharing some of their personal experiences. The new hosts from the Choir include Rachel Swift, Rebekah Ellsworth, Sheila Sconiers, Kristen Olsen, Nate Brown, Kevin Gunnell, Bradd Poffenberger, Eric Huntsman, Dan Taylor, George Garwood, Luke Howard, and Jonathan Gochberg.

“We wanted to add an up-close-and-personal touch to the weekly hosting by featuring some of our Choir members from among the 360 in the loft,” explains Ron Jarrett, president of the Choir. “When guests come to the broadcast in the Tabernacle, we are essentially bringing people into our home.  We want our guests to feel a part of the whole experience and our current hosts have—and will continue—to do an excellent job of this.  We think adding these new Choir member hosts will add a new touch to our Sunday morning personality,” said Jarrett.

Lloyd Newell who has been the announcer for the Choir for 25 years, continues to be the official voice for the broadcast Music & the Spoken Word.


Tune in at 7:00 PM Mountain Time to listen to a full stream of this new CD.