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Orchestra Member and Her Family Featured in New Choir Video

When the Mormon Tabernacle Choir wanted to showcase in video the messages of songs from its recent recording Teach Me to Walk in the Light, they looked close to home for casting

The Gardner family is a good example. Melodie Gardner joined the Orchestra at Temple Square when it was first organized in 1999. Her husband, Josh, sang with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for seven years. Little did she expect that not only would she be featured on weekly broadcasts as the cameras spanned the violin section, but their family of six children would be featured in a Music and the Spoken Word broadcast portraying principles of charity and love from the song "Teach Me to Walk in the Light."

The whole purpose of spotlighting Choir and Orchestra members on the broadcast and in videos posted on YouTube and other media is to acquaint viewers and friends with the performers, Ed Payne, executive producer of Music and the Spoken Word, explains. "These are people who live the values about which they sing. They live them in their homes and they teach them to their families."

The song "Teach Me to Walk in the Light" was featured on the March 17, 2013 Music and the Spoken Word broadcast. Interspersed with the Choir and Orchestra performance, the Gardner family is shown talking about "What would Jesus do?" in certain settings. Their son Adam (age 9) is then seen applying the importance of reaching out to a classmate with kindness and sensitivity. "Hopefully many will be touched by the lesson," Melodie explains, "and hopefully when Adam looks back in the years ahead, he will remember what he represented in this video." Click on the video above or go to to watch.

We intend, Payne explains, in the next few years to spotlight everyone in the Choir and Orchestra in videos or song announcements on Music and the Spoken Word to elaborate our themes. "We want our viewers to think to themselves as they see them on camera: 'That's the violinist with the cute family who showed how to apply teachings of kindness and compassion.'"