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Evynne and Peter Hollens

YouTube Star Peter Hollens Shares His Virtual “Hallelujah” Chorus Experience

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Peter Hollens—Musician

I am tremendously honored to take part in such an amazing project! I’ve dreamed of singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir ever since I was in my high school choir. I’ve always loved their sound, and I’ve always wanted to sing with them, ever since seeing them on PBS when I was very young. Working on this project has made my inner choir nerd rejoice!

My part in this project was to help conceptualize and find the best way to incorporate digital influencers, get the word out about the project, and assist in creating all the virtual learning tracks. I recorded and edited the sing-along tracks myself and also recorded my wife singing the female parts, both audio and visual portions. I also helped with early conceptual ideas, but the final execution was handled by the Choir and the LDS Church’s creative team. 

It is so great to help the Mormon Tabernacle Choir connect its amazing historic traditions with new media and introduce the Choir to a younger age and new generation. 

Being able to work with such an awesome team really stoked my fire to create more and more of these type of virtual choirs for my own fanbase. It gave me the opportunity to sing with my wonderful supporters all around the globe. I am SO excited to start this kind of process, to collaborate more and more with larger audiences from around the world and create more music projects like this one. 

Doing more of these virtual choirs is actually a personal goal of mine. The concept for this project was simple—to allow singers all around the world to come and join in one musical collaboration, no matter the talent level, from the least experienced to the greatest, all races, genders, religions, and cultures, to create a singular uplifting, powerful sound. The execution of such a seemingly simple concept has proven to be a massive undertaking, but also incredibly rewarding, and we believe the end product, our virtual "Hallelujah" chorus, will positively impact lives and hearts all over the world.

I think doing projects like this is what can help heal the world and unite us all. Music is the one thing that can bring us all together, and it's the reason I named my business One Voice Productions. As Barry Manilow says in his song: “There's more than one voice singing in the darkness. Joining with your one voice … hands are joined and fears unlocked.”  Cheesy, but beautiful.  

I can’t explain how awesome this has been, not only being a part of this project, but having been given the chance to take a lead role in this, since the beginning stages of the process all through the final production and execution. Thank you, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, for letting me be a part of it!

Take a behind the scenes look at the filming of the virtual "Hallelujah" chorus video below and watch the full video above.

We are currently experiencing an error with this video. Our team is working to resolve the issue.