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“Redeemer of Israel” Was Originally Published in the First Issue of the Church’s First Newspaper

The lyrics to “Redeemer of Israel” were first published as a poem in the first issue of the Church’s first newspaper. The newspaper, titled The Evening and the Morning Star, was published monthly by William W. Phelps in Independence, Missouri, and included articles on topics ranging from Church doctrine to world news.

Phelps adapted his lyrics to “Redeemer of Israel” from another poem called “Oh Thou in Whose Presence My Soul Takes Delight,’ which was written by an English author named Joseph Swain in the late 18th century.

“Redeemer of Israel” was included in the first LDS hymnbook in 1835. For more information on the history behind this hymn, listen to Episode 8 of the History of Hymns series on The Mormon Channel.