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"Rock-a My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham" Performed by Alex Boyé and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

The phrase “Abraham's bosom” appears in the Bible in Luke 16:22–23 as part of the parable of the rich man and Lazarus. The story contrasts the beggar who was carried away to Abraham’s bosom with the rich man who ends up tormented in hell. The term "bosom of Abraham" is "used to denote the place of the righteous dead. . . . It connotes the harmony that exists among the righteous in paradise as they await the Resurrection" (Bible Dictionary, "Abraham's Bosom").

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir has performed the African-American spiritual, "Rock-a My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham" for Music & the Spoken Word broadcasts as well as on national tours. They received rousing applause on tour when they perform their rendition of the song, for which the soloist was former Choir member, Alex Boyé. When performing the song, Boyé also included his signature James Brown–inspired dance moves while the Choir joyfully sang along. A recording of one of the tour performances can be found in a special Music & the Spoken Word broadcast titled "Bound for Glory." Click here to watch the episode. The song appears at 9:48 into the video and is arranged by Choir director, Mack Wilberg. 

Below is another video of the Choir performing “Rock-a My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham,” arranged by Howard Roberts. The song also appears on the Choir's 2009 albumCome, Thou Fount of Every Blessing: American Folk Hymns and Spirituals.

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