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Sesame Street Christmas Guest Reveal #’s 6&7—Introducing…

Our next two lovable guests, Bert and Ernie, have been living in the basement apartment of 123 Sesame Street since 1969 and prove that opposite personalities can get along. They will join Frozen’s Santino Fontana, and many of their Sesame Street friends for the upcoming concerts, which will be held December 11-14, 2014.

Ernie, who was originally performed by Jim Henson, reached No. 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1970, for the song “Rubber Duckie,” where he sings about his bathtub toy. Ernie is notorious for coming up with crazy ideas, while Bert tries to talk him out of them.

Bert is the voice of reason and is more serious than Ernie. He loves to collect paper clips and bottle caps, read Boring Stories, and study pigeons. He is also the president of the National Association of W Lovers, and has an identical twin brother named Bart.

Bert and Ernie were the only Muppets to appear in the very first Sesame Street episode. Here are some of their very entertaining YouTube videos:

One Direction and Bert Sing the Alphabet

Ernie and his Rubber Duckie

Usher and Bert are Unique

Rubber Duckie Directs Liam Neeson and Ernie

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