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Sesame Street Christmas Guest Reveal #3—Introducing...

We are pleased to introduce our third Sesame Street Christmas concert guest as the one and only, Grover! He will join Frozen’s Santino FontanaSesame Street’s Count von Count, Elmo, and other characters yet to be announced. The concerts will be held December 11-14, 2014 at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, UT. 

Grover made his first official appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show on May 31, 1970 and has been living in the Sesame Street neighborhood ever since.

He is familiar to audiences for his comical sketches including Waiter Grover at Charlie’s Restaurant, Global Grover and his super hero alter ego, Super Grover. He describers himself as a “Cute, furry little monster.” He loves to be helpful but isn’t very good at it. Through his mistakes in his sketches, children are able to learn the difference between hot and cold, under and over, on or off, as well as learning the alphabet and following directions.

Grover stars in many incredible YouTube videos, including a duet with singer, Dave Matthews. Below are some of Grover’s videos.

Dave Matthews and Grover Sing about Feelings 

Grover and a Fly in My Soup

Super Grover Taking a Bus

Grover Surfing Near and Far

Visit Grover’s page on Sesame Street’s website.

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