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Before the Current Children’s Songbook There Was Sing With Me

Many children and adults alike are familiar with the current 1989 Children’s Songbook of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with its colorful images of children gracing the cover. Prior to that there was another children’s songbook with a simple orange cover called Sing With Me.

At the time, Tabernacle organist Robert Cundick and members of the Sunday school and Primary boards met to begin preparing music for the book. Church members were encouraged to submit new compositions and favorites were chosen from existing songs, based on a survey of stakes throughout the Church and other sources, according to the book’s preface.

A section of the preface for Sing With Me written by The General Music Committee of the Church reads:

The enthusiasm and supreme optimism of children in song is one of the choice blessings of Church activity for adult and child alike. We trust that the songs contained in this volume will help to teach the children the gospel of Jesus Christ and develop an appreciation for the good and the beautiful through the medium of music.

Although some selections from Sing With Me are not included in the current Children’s Songbook, it is filled with classics such as “Book of Mormon Stories,” “I am a Child of God,” “I know My Father Lives,” and Popcorn Popping (On The Apricot Tree).”

Below is a video of the Choir singing, “I Am a Child of God.”

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