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Singing With Angels Movie Now Available for Free Public Showings

Singing With Angels is a heartwarming movie featuring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir through a 2016 collaboration with the filmmakers at Candlelight Media. Although not a documentary or a musical performance, the film is inspired by true events and depicts a fictional woman’s experiences in joining and serving in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The movie shows how she found strength through her faith, music, and her experience as a Choir member when faced with trials and challenges in her life. When the film was released, Choir president Ron Jarrett said, “The story of the film is an affirmation that the Choir’s music can bring peace and hope and transform lives.”

Candlelight Media recently announced that Singing With Angels can now be shown to church and nonprofit groups for free. Generally public performance rights must be obtained for a fee to show a movie to a group or congregation. Those rights are now granted free of charge by Candlelight Media (the copyright holder) to church groups and other nonprofit groups, as long as no admission is charged. More information can be found at Candlelight Media.

Director and producer Brian Brough said, “I’m excited at the opportunity for so many additional people to see this film. The chance for church and other groups to organize a showing of the movie can create wholesome community activities. The movie shows that no matter what happens in your life, you are not alone. God loves each of us.”

To purchase a DVD of the movie to show to your group with the free public performance license, go to the Shop pages at the Choir’s website, Deseret Book, or The DVD has also recently been made available at This makes the film available to international audiences with subtitles in French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. Visit to see the trailer.