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The Unique Story Behind the Children’s Hymn “Love Is Spoken Here”

What do you do when you can’t find the perfect title for a song contest, and the deadline is only two days away? Simple, you ask your husband—that’s just what Janice Kapp Perry did while attending a church party. As she and her husband, Doug, were leaving the party, he looked above the kitchen sink and saw a cross-stitch sampler that read, “Love Is Spoken Here.” He said, “There’s your title, get busy.”

When Perry submitted the song in the annual LDS Church songwriting contest, it not only took first place but quickly became part of our Church culture and was included in the Children’s Songbook.

“Love Is Spoken Here” was the first of many counter-point melody songs that Perry would write. In fact, she has an entire album called Beloved Double Melodies of Janice Kapp Perry. It is a technique that has been used by composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach and Irving Berlin, and uses two unique melodies over a common harmonic theme.

Years after she had written “Love Is Spoken Here,” a Primary teacher from Texas wrote Perry about how they enjoyed learning her song and asked for permission to use the title in a cross-stitch sampler. The song had come full circle since its simple beginning.

In 2005 the Mormon Tabernacle Choir released an album called Love Is Spoken Here, which includes the title track and two additional songs by Perry. Below is a video of the Choir performing “Love Is Spoken Here,” followed by a behind-the-scenes interview with Perry on the origin of the song.